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FREE Social Security Benefits Software.
Learn How Reform Might Change Your Benefits.
Learn How Social Security Benefits Are Computed.

Providing insight into your Social Security benefits. FREE software that shows you what your
personal benefits might be under numerous situations. Current Social Security benefits computations
explained. Look at a crystal ball to see how political and financial trends will modify the Social
Security computation and your benefits.

Software For Computing Social Security Benefits
How Current Social Security Benefits Are Computed
Why Is There So Much Talk About Social Security Reform?
How Social Security Reform Might Look.

The purpose of this web site is to:

  1. Explain how Social Security retirement benefits are currently computed.
  2. Provide answers to common questions, like "What are the current wage limits?"
  3. Discuss why something might need to be done to "Reform" Social Security.
  4. Let you examine the different ways the Reform might come about and how those reforms might effect you.
  5. Let you download software that will give you some idea what your Social Security Benefits might be.
  6. Explain how you would qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

An Editorial Note

On occasion we have taken the liberty to bash politicians. We are not doing so because politicians have passed bad laws. We are just having fun pointing out their lack of candor.


This is *not* the Social Security Administration!

The Social Security Administration is

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