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Smoke And Mirrors To Camouflage Lower Future Benefits

Smoke And Mirrors To Camouflage Lower Future Benefits:
Increase The Retirement Age
Change The Primary Insurance Amount (PIA) Formula
Factors That Can Lower Future Benefits

How The Government Will Probably Use Smoke & Mirrors

  1. Increase the retirement age. If this is done in a straightforward way, this would an honest and logical action. If the politicians increase the retirement age, and don't try to hide their actions in some way, we would not consider this as using smoke and mirrors.
  2. Change the percentages or "bend points" that are used to calculate the Primary Insurance Amount (PIA). It is not easy to explain how the PIA is arrived at, but it could have a major impact on what your Social Security benefits will be. Changing the PIA formula could easily camouflage a drop in future benefits.
  3. Once the PIA is determined there are other factors that politicians can adjust to lower benefits.

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